Increase in Purchase Tax

Increase in Purchase Tax: It is expected that property purchase tax (property turnover tax) on property purchased after 1st of January 2024 will increase as agreed by the the Montenegrin government.

Currently the tax is set at 3%, and the new tax will be categorised into price brackets:

  • Property valued at €150,000 or less shall remain unchanged at 3%;
  • Property value between €150,000 and €500,000 will be taxed at 5%, plus a fixed €4,500;
  • Property purchase value above €500,000 shall be taxed at 6%, and a fixed €22,000.

The values will take all stepped categories into account. That being a property purchased value at €400,000 will take the first €150,000 at 3%, and the remaining €250,000 at 5% plus the €4,500.

Property purchased direct from the developers will continue to not be taxed at purchase. Feel free to browse all the amazing new construction properties we have on sale direct from the developer. Always remember, we do not charge the buyer broker or agent fees. The price listed is the price you as the buyer gets direct from the developer. The developer pays us commission from their sale, you do not.

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