Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions from buyers looking to buy property in Montenegro and moving to Montenegro. Should you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at hello@propertyfinders.me.

ABSOLUTELY YES!! Foreigners are able to purchase property in Montenegro. 

Once you purchase property in Montenegro you are entitled to use that property. Your entry requirements will be the same as any other tourist including the amount of time your passport nationality allows you to spend in Montenegro

If you require a visa to enter Montenegro you will still be required to apply for a visa and follow those conditions and time set out on your visa. If you have visa free entry into Montenegro then the standard time rules apply to you. 

The only exception will be if you apply for Temporary Residency in Montenegro through your property you purchased. 

If you own property, or have a work permit in Montenegro you are entitled to open a bank account. Each bank has different requirements so you will have to enquire with them or contact us for more information or advise. 

You will have to open the account in person in the branch and you cannot open an account online or via proxy with Power of Attorney. 

The only noticeable restriction comes into play with regards to buying vacant land or farms. Any land over a certain size can only be purchased through a company with the exception to certain nationals such as those nationals from the EU states. 

Always consult an attorney before buying any property for peace of mind, especially vacant land. You need to know the zoning of the land, what can be built or its usage, and the building index. 

Foreigners will need to have a registered interpreter at the signing of the agreement and as the buyer you are liable for these costs. We have a translator we work with and can advise. 

Yes, this is an option if you choose to do so, but you will have to apply for Temporary Residency in Montenegro. 

Temporary Residency is the permission from the Montenegrin authorities to stay in Montenegro beyond the timeframe stipulated for your nationality . You are entitled to stay in montenegro for up to 12 months, and is renewable every year, provided you still own property in Montenegro.  

There are conditions, namely you own at least 50% of the property, and that the property is “habitable” meaning legally you may occupy the property and it is deemed “occupiable” by the authorities. Vacant land does not qualify. 

You will need to provide funding to support yourself for the 12 months as governed by the Authorities. 

You will need an apostled police clearance certificate from your home country.

The short answer is no. Technically speaking some banks do but it is very, very, very uncommon to get approval. Potentially you could get a loan from your home bank if they allow it, or a loan companies may allow but we are unable to advise or assist with this.  Certain developers do offer payment plans. 

When you purchase property the Notary will send the sale contract and request change of ownership to the registry office. Once registered you will receive the original “List Nepokretnosti” with the property details and the new owners details. This you will use when you apply for Temporary Residency. 

There are risks, but if you use us or a reputable agency its eliminated and you can rest assured. We ensure the properties have all the information and details available and follow up on all the legalities and owner details. NOT ALL AGENTS CARE! They want money and the rest is your problem. 

We believe we are your agent and therefore we ensure you are informed and protected. We aim to make dreams happen, not nightmares. Land has guidelines on what it can be used form, and what can be built. Houses need to follow those guidelines otherwise its an “illegal object” and will be the buyers problem to sort out. 

Rest assured we have you covered. We will put you in contact with a lawyer who will ensure, legally, the property is sound to purchase, and that you will have no issues. 

In Montenegro, there is no such thing. Anyone can become an agent. That is why we caution all buyers. We work closely with buyers to protect them and their interest. We also have a great relationship with property developers and attorneys to help you and protect you. 

We are registered with the International Real Estate Agent Federation. We also value our reputation, relationships and continuous success in Montenegro. We will not jeopardise that at any cost! We also have a code of conduct as an agency and as agents we follow and pride ourself on. 

We also advise buyers that even if they find any property we may not have listed, continue to work through us and we will negotiate the sale for you and ensure you are protected. We then act as your broker for any property you are interested in, in Montenegro. We have got you! 

We work on commission and this is up to the seller so you do not pay us. 

All fees for the agent or broker is payable by the seller and NOT the buyer. The buyer is reponsible for Notary and Translator fees, transfer tax (if applicable) and the lawyer if you elect to have one appointed. 

No you do not need to, but in certain instances we advise you do. Most of our listed properties are purchased direct from reputable developers and all legalities are in place and regular formalities follow. There are instances we will advise you to appoint a lawyer (we can refer you to one) to ensure everything is in place. 

The property purchase is concluded by a Notary in Montenegro. The seller is entitled to appoint his chosen notary and the buyer is required to pay. This is heavily regulated so no worry about excessive fees. We can help  with an estimate. 

No. Through us, you are buying directly from the developer. You will not get it cheaper if you spend time to find the builder/developer and buy from them directly. We do not charge you and we do not increase the price. The price we list properties at are the same and directly from the builder/developer. By working through us you have direct access to many more options, information, assistance and we help you throughout the process. 

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