Collaboration with Property Developers

We have collaborated with numerous small to large developers in Montenegro as can be seen on our webpages. Our fees are covered through regular sales agent commission when we sell a property, and no addition marketing costs – it’s our method to sell property.

At Property Finders we would be able to access our regional and overseas buyers, increasing your sales and reach. We would also create individual “landing pages” for your development targeted to specific buyer types e.g. Investor purchasers, Holiday home buyers, Owner occupiers etc.

Once these pages are created, targeted ads will run through our marketing strategy such as Google, Meta (Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads), and LinkedIn and direct messaging. Our strategy has proven to be very effected and feel we can benefit you and provide value to your project.

These targeted ads would push each buyer profile to the individual landing page and give them tailored information on your development that would lead to higher engagement and enquiries. We target the right audience to avoid wasting time and resources. 

Through this we would target a minimum of 100 and 200 new leads per week, with a conversion rate of 0,5% which should lead to at least 1 sale every two weeks.  

This marketing is included in our commission structure and is at no additional charge.

If you’d like any further information or schedule a meeting, please let me know. We look forward to hearing from you and providing value to your team. We can also provide furniture pack we for developers in Montenegro developed by our interior designer as an example of what we can assist buyers with, especially those buyers far away and unable to furnish their apartment.



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