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Property Development Opportunity – Montenegro is a promising destination for development through property investment. With a steady economic growth rate and favorable investment climate, Montenegro has emerged as a preferred location for real estate investments in recent years.

Montenegro’s strategic location, natural beauty, and diverse cultural heritage make it an attractive location for tourism, which is a significant contributor to its economy. The government’s efforts to improve infrastructure and promote foreign investment have made it an ideal destination for investors looking for profitable opportunities.

In particular, Montenegro’s development property market offers considerable potential for growth and return on investments. With a shortage of quality properties in key locations, demand for development property is high. As the country continues to develop, the demand for properties is expected to increase further

Investing in Montenegro’s development property market can provide investors with a variety of options, including residential and commercial properties, tourism-related projects, and infrastructure developments. With relatively low property prices, favorable tax laws, and a streamlined investment process, investors can achieve attractive returns on their investments.

Moreover, Montenegro’s membership in the European Union and its pro-business policies ensure a stable and secure investment environment for investors. The country’s political stability and commitment to economic growth make it an attractive destination for investors seeking long-term investment opportunities.

In summary, Montenegro presents a compelling investment opportunity for investors looking for growth and return on investments. With a stable political environment, favorable investment climate, and high demand for development property, Montenegro’s real estate market offers excellent potential for investors seeking profitable opportunities.

Thank you for considering Montenegro as a potential investment destination. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss the investment potential in greater detail with you.

Browse our oppertunites for investores and property developers in Montenegro. We have sourced some of the most promising opertunities and land available for development. We work closely with atoorneys in Montenegro to ensure legalities and compliant transactions. Feel free to browse below and get in touch should you require any further information. Montenegro is rapidly expanding, dont miss an oppertunity to be part of it!

Plužine, Montenegro - €25/sq m

105,000m2 of vacant land surrounded by lush forest and vegitation nestled between beutiful mountains and stunning scenery. Excellent oppertunity for resedential resolt style development, or accomodation for tourist. Land has been zoned for accomodation development. Opperunities qre endless. With future plans to build a ski resort nearby makes this investment attractive. Get in early and deveolp in this beautiful are. The coast of montenegro is quickly becoming saturated and the next beg boom will be inland amoungth the beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. 

  • Access to water & electricity
  • Road access
  • Zoned and property title deeds available for transfer
  • 109km from Podgorica, 49km from Žabljak,  Low Temp if between 0° -5°c in winter, 30°-35°c in summer.

With plenty to do in summer and winter makes this a great year round destination. Montenegro is investing in inland tourism to boost local economy. Get in early!

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