Choosing Furniture for an Airbnb

While choosing the furniture for your investment property, there are a few more factors that you should consider in addition to your budget.

First of all, you should look at the overall style of your property. Take a moment and think about your location and the guests you want to cater to. Is your property close to the beach or on the mountain? Do you want to attract business travellers or vacationing families?

The answers to these questions should dictate the style of the finishing’s and the furnishing of your short-term rental. Keep in mind that Airbnb is not only about offering a furnished rental space, but also about providing an experience. 

Second, prioritize the durability of the furniture that you buy. Look for stores and brands that offer 10-year warranty. If the furniture of your vacation rental breaks too often and doesn’t get fixed or replaced for free, this will raise your expenses and eat directly into your profit. Be sure to spend on good mattress’s, a good sleep is always going to be on the top of every guests list.

Meanwhile, the brand names that you go for should not be a leading factor. After all, no Airbnb listing has the brands of the fridge and the sofa, and no guest will go from room to room to check the furniture brands. In this sense, rely on brands that are known for cost-efficiency, durability, and comfort – not for the latest trend in the luxurious lifestyle of celebrities.

Unless you want to cater to this specific audience, then of course, invest in luxury brand appliances and furnishings. 

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