Why buy property in Montenegro

Why buy property in Montenegro: Lets explore some of the benefits to owning property in beautiful Montenegro.

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Montenegro is a small country in Southeast Europe that has gained popularity in recent years as a tourist destination. However, it is also becoming an attractive place to invest in property due to its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and strategic location. Here are some of the benefits of buying property in Montenegro.

  • Affordable Prices

One of the most significant advantages of buying property in Montenegro is the cost. Compared to other European countries, Montenegro offers a lower cost of living and lower property prices. In fact, you can find a spacious apartment or a small house for a fraction of the cost of similar properties in other European cities. Propert taxes and taxes in general are extremely reasonable and favourable.

  • A Beautiful Location

Montenegro is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, with a coastline that stretches along the Adriatic Sea, as well as mountains, lakes, and rivers. This makes it an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, skiing, and water sports. Additionally, the country has a rich cultural heritage, with well-preserved medieval towns, monasteries, and fortresses.

  • Growing Tourism Industry

Montenegro’s tourism industry is growing rapidly, with an increasing number of visitors each year. This trend is expected to continue, which means that buying property in Montenegro could be a good investment opportunity. You can rent out your property to tourists when you’re not using it, generating additional income.

  • Strategic Location

Montenegro’s location in Southeast Europe makes it an attractive destination for investors. It is situated on the Adriatic Sea, with borders to Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This strategic location makes it a gateway to the rest of Europe and an ideal location for business opportunities.

  • Easy Buying Process

The buying process in Montenegro is relatively straightforward, and the country has made efforts to improve its legal system and streamline the process of buying property. The government has also introduced a number of incentives for foreign investors, such as tax exemptions and fast-track residency permits. Look at the process for buying property on our website.

  • Temporary Residency

By purchasing a “habitable” property, meaning it can be lived in by normal standards, you are entitled to apply for temporary residency in Montenegro for twelve months, and renewable every twelve months provided you continue to pay your property tax and maintain ownership of at least 50%. You will need to ensure that the property is registered, has all the correct papers and title deeds (“List Nepokretnosti“), that it’s legally sellable by the seller, that the property is correctly zoned for residential and approved for the structure built. This is not always the case thats why Property Finders Montenegro ensure all the legalities are in place before you purchase your property through us and ensure your dream property doesn’t become a nightmare. Many agents say they do, but in theory don’t. ALWAYS ENSURE THE CORRECT PAPERS ARE IN PLACE! Get in touch with us and we will walk you through the entire process from searching for your perfect property, even if we don’t have it listed on our sit, we will find it!

In conclusion, buying property in Montenegro offers many benefits, including affordable prices, a beautiful location, a growing tourism industry, a strategic location, and an easy buying process. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, an investment property, or a place to retire, Montenegro is definitely worth considering.

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