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Entry into Montenegro: Do I need a visa to enter Montenegro?

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Do I need a visa to enter Montenegro? There has been many questions asked regarding entry requirements into Montenegro. What are the visa requirements for entry into Montenegro? This will depend entirely on the passport you hold. I will touch on the subject below and provide you with the Decree from the Government of Montenegro.

I will not be able to cover every nationality, but will focus on the the “visa free” and “visa required” travel status (and some examples of visas permitted). Please note that this is based on information from the Montenegrin Government and request that you confirm with your nearest embassy or consulate representative regarding your options.

The Ministry in Montenegro stated through their decree, that certain visas issued by certain governments and their embassies, will be permit the bearer to enter Montenegro. It also states the duration of stay, a factor to consider, as you do not want to overstay your welcome. The results can vary but the impact can last for some years.

Visa Free Travel: – Nationals from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and European Union may enter Montenegro visa free for 90 days with a valid travel document. EU nationals traveling on an ID card, and Nationals from Russia and Serbia with a valid travel document, may only enter Montenegro for a 30 day period without a visa.

Visa Required Travel: – Countries that do not have visa free travel agreements with Montenegro (such as South Africa) will be required to apply for a visa in advance. This can be done at a Montenegrin Embassy or a Serbian Embassy, if there is no Montenegrin Embassy in their country of residence.

There is relief for nationals requiring a visa to enter Montenegro if they have a valid visa for:, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, or a valid Schengen visa. This does not include a transit visas. You may enter Montenegro using your valid visa from those mentioned countries for a period of 30 days, or, the validity of your visa, which ever is SHORTEST.

Should you need to apply for a visa you will need to submit the following to your nearest embassy and again, please confirm with them. You will also need to enquire if you need to apply in person or if you can courier your application to them.

You will need a valid travel document with at lest three months validity from date of return. You will need to submit an application form, photograph, employment confirmation in home country, proof of accommodation, return flight ticket, proof of funds (€80 per day should be sufficient), travel insurance, and proof of payment for the visa (€35 if applying at a Montenegrin Embassy).

Confirm with your local embassy. If you are applying for a D visa for business you will also need to include a letter of invite from your host in Montenegro. We advise sending a letter from your employer confirming reason form visit).

We always encourage you to confirm with your closest embassy regarding entry requirements for your nationality. Should you need to apply for a Montenegrin visa we advise you to do this well in advance (maximum two months before departure).

Should you have any questions we will try our best to guide you and give you the most accurate information we can.

Decree or Entry Requirements by the Government of Montenegro.


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